Making … a Bundle of Joy

Last week I packed up a pair of jaunty booties and a cheerful cardigan to send to my little nephew-in-utero in Texas. I've been planning this gift since well before we left Virginia, so it was a joy to finally plant the package on the UPS counter and send this little bundle southwest.

The sweater (Oscar, by Lili Comme Tout) is a beautifully textured grandpa cardigan, knit up in sand stitch with bands of garter stitch at the hem, cuffs, and collar. The pattern is similar in style to a free pattern called Baby Sophisticate, but it's constructed very differently. I found it a bit fussy to knit at times, but the lovely details—the nubby texture, the slipped-stitch raglans—make for a very special garment. (If you're pressed for time, though, the Easy Baby Cardigan from Joelle Hoverson's Last-Minute Knitted Gifts just can't be beat.)

The booties, I love: they're the perfect mix of slipper and sock, and my new favorite pattern for TV knitting. This pair is brought to you by a couple of episodes of The Americans and a home screening of The English Patient.

These are just two of many baby things I'll be knitting over the next couple of months—we have a lot of babies coming into our lives this summer and fall—so if you have a tried and true baby knit, please share it here! I'm eyeing Petit Artichaut (my head having been turned by Christine Chitnis's and Alicia Paulson's gorgeous versions) and the Vintage Pixie Cap from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies.


  1. Your nephew will be feeling the love when wearing these beautiful knits. Something about little booties slays me. Love little knits.

  2. So adorable! And I hear you about the babies coming right now. I've been knitting what feels like a million baby gifts myself. Luckily, baby gifts are some of the cutest (and quickest) knits!

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